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The Magician

An Andromache Jones Mystery




"I am about to set you a challenge,

Miss Jones, one that has very real

life and death consequences."



What's it about?

Andromache Jones has somehow managed to capture the attention of The Magician and finds herself caught up in The Game, his challenge that has very real life and death consequences, and not only for her.  Can she complete the test he has set in the allotted time and live to see another day, or will failure, and The Magician triumph?


The Magician is the first short story in the Andromache Jones Mysteries.

Where can you get it?

This short story is available to download or read for FREE from the following places:



I would be very grateful if you could rate or review this free book from wherever you read / download it from.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.

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