Online Publications


A number of pieces of my writing can be found online.  Mostly they are short stories and pieces of flash fiction.  If you do check out any of these pieces, please let me know and tell me what you think.  I would be so grateful to learn how my work is being received.  Just click on the titles and enjoy a free read...

Idus Martiae


This short story is a re-imagining of the dream that Calpurnia, wife of Caesar, had the night before the Ides of March.

     It can be found in the Dreams issue of Free Lit Magazine and was published in 2015.


A Letter From A Troubled Soul


This fictional letter  was my take on the theme "letters" for the first issue of Kith, which was published in 2015.  It is written by an un-named person who is seeking forgiveness for all they have done from a stranger.

Unqualified in Magic


When you are looking for a magical short-cut to attaining your dreams, you might try anything...even buy a magical spell kit online.  But things are not as simple as they would appear...

     This short story can be found in issue 8 of Bibliophilia Magazine.

The Cellars


This spooky ghost story tells of a Halloween prank played on Tammy whilst she is still at work.  But when she is forced to go down to the buildings Archives, which is known by those who work there as "The Cellars", what will she find?

     It can be found in the Terror issue of Free Lit Magazine and was published in 2015.

The Lady of Winter


How might the personification and symbolism of winter appear in a folkloric-style tale?  Perhaps as The Lady of Winter in this piece of flash fiction that celebrates the festival of Midwinter...
     The Lady of Winter appears in part two of the Midwinter Special 2015 from Three Drops Press.

                 Family Secrets

Family Secrets tells of the strange things that go on in one young woman's house every month, only she is not allowed to be told what they are.  However, when the truth materialises, will she be happy to be let in on the secret or will she realise that sometimes it is better to remain in the dark...
     Family Secrets appeared in Issue #25 of The Sirens Call ezine, from Sirens Call Publications.  This issue was dedicated to the Women in Horror Month.

Excavating Fate

Excavating Fates tells of the unearthing of a mask on an archaeological dig.  It's an unexpectected find, and as those on the trip try to determine its purpose, the one who excavated it finds their connection to it is stronger than most.  But why?

     Excavating Fate appears in Free Lit Magazine Vol 2 Issue 2.

The Storyteller's Secret

The Storyteller's Secret sees an old man arrive in ancient Greek town to recount a tale of heroes past...only it isnt the tale the gathered crowd wish to hear.

     The Storyteller's Secret appears in Free Lit Magazine Vol 2 Issue 3.

The Paradise Question

Set in the Future, The Paradise Question raises the question of what the term paradise means to different people.  Why?  Because science has found a way to create paradise on earth...but what does that mean?

     The Paradise Question can be found in Free Lit Magazine Vol 2 Issue 4

The Destiny Charm

Liyara is being chased through the Tarian Forest because, even though she has never stolen anything before in her life, for some reason that morning, something compelled her to do so.  And thievery is a capital offence in Taria.  If she's caught, there is only one way this will end.  However, destiny has a funny way of manifesting when you least expect it...

     The Destiny Charm can be found in Between Worlds zine, Issue 2