I have been lucky enough to have a number of my short stories included in some great anthologies.  


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The Water Wytch

The Water Wytch was included in the 2015 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Elemental Foundations, edited by Evelyn M. Zimmer.


Maggie is clearing out her bookcase when she discovers an old diary belonging to a girl called Jane hidden amongst her own books.  She doesn't know how it got there, but she is intrigued by its presence and begins reading.

     Through Jane's words Maggie glimpses a world she knows cannot exit; an enchanted world in which magic and Water Wytches are spoken of as if they are real.

     With her life falling apart all around her, Maggie becomes inspired to undertake a journey of discovery, but where will it lead?  And more importantly, who will she meet?

The Spirit Man

The Spirit Man was included in the 2015 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Pagan, edited by Evelyn M. Zimmer.


When the spirits and the ancestors call, you must answer them, without delay and without question.  So goes the life of a Spirit Man.

     Winter is on its way, and one such Spirit Man has been instructed by the spirits to leave the safety of his village.  Although it is far from an ideal time to be without stores and shelter, the Spirit Man cannot defy the spirits and so dutifully goes, wherever they will lead him.

     But his journey is shrouded in mystery.  He doesn't know where he is going.  He doesn't know who he will meet.  The spirits haven't even revealed his purpose in going.

     All he knows is that the spirits have called him, and he must answer.  Only in their own time will they reveal their intention.

A Midwinter Manifestation

A Midwinter Manifestation was included in the 2016 CyberWitch Press anthology, Jingle Spells, edited by Heather Marie Adkins.

It is Midwinter Eve, and Maeve Featherstone, a modern-day sorceress, is having a quiet night in and hoping to plan her Winter Solstice celebrations.  
     However, her presence is urgently required at Evie Whitworth's house.  Evie has repeatedly been told to stop dabbling in magic, but she never listens.  

     Will the arrival of an unexpected guest ruin the festive period for Evie and the entire village of Wood End?  Not if Maeve can help it... 

A Midwinter Manifestation is one of six short stories that feature in Jingle Spells, a feel-good holiday collection of witch-themed tales.  

A Teller of Fortunes

A Teller of Fortunes was included in the 2016 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Travelers, edited by Evelyn M. Zimmer.

A Teller of Fortunes focuses on a few days in the life of Astre, a travelling fortune teller and a seller of charms, as she plies her trade at a market.

But a chance encounter with a troublemaker will leave her feeling unsettled, until she is given the opportunity to ensure he gets exactly what he deserves...

The Wood-Shades of Winter

The Wood-Shades of Winter was included in the 2016 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, On A Dark and Snowy Night, edited by Evelyn M. Zimmer.

The Wood-Shades of Winter tells of a young woman named Seren, and her connection to an older witch, Dorothea.  Seren is rnning for her life, but from what?  When Dorothea dreams that Seren is in danger, she sends her son, Bryn, into the forest to find her.  But will he reach her in time?  And what secrets, kept hidden for decades, are about to be brought out into the open?

The Wood-Shades of Winter is a tale of winter magic, set in a forest where all is not as it seems...

Returning Home

Returning Home was included in the 2016 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Where Cowboys Roam, edited by Evelyn M. Zimmer.

Returning Home focuses on Spencer who finds himself back on the family ranch in Montana after an accident that turned his life upside down.  

The problem is, the family ranch is the last place he wants to be, especially as he is confronted with all the mistakes of his past...

The Apothecary's Tale

The Apothecary's Tale was included in the 2016 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, The Key, edited by Evelyn M. Zimmer.

The Apothecary's Tale is the story of Amberia, an apothecary who one day wakes to find an old key sitting on her front doorstep.  Having no idea of where it has come from or what it could be used for, she goes off to see her friend, Redden.

As they undertake the adventure of the key together, they find much more than they could have ever dreamed of.  Soon, they will be in possession of the answers Amberia has craved all her life, but everything has its price...

The Sultan's Daughter

The Sultan's Daughter was included in the 2016 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Veil of Secrets, edited by Evelyn. M. Zimmer.

The Sultan's Daughter is a tale of forbidden love.  Hadice is the Sulatan's daughter and she has never stepped foot outside of the harem.  However, one day she is exploring the furthest reaches of the palace garden's when, on the other side of the courtyard wall she hears a voice...

The voice belongs to Memhi.  There is an instant attraction between the two and secretly they continue to meet in that secluded corner of the courtyard.

But can they keep their meetings and their growing fondness for each other a secret?  If they can't, the consequences will be more than either of them can bear.

Jousting for Murder

Jousting for Murder appeared in the 2016 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Tournament Games, edited by Evelyn M. Zimmer.

The baron is celebrating his birthday with a joust and one of his closest friends, Miles Chevalier, in competing in a much anticipated competition.  However, when his opponent falls off his horse in front of the lists, it appears that Miles has killed him.  


But things are not as they seem.  Will Miles be able to find the truth behind the joust?  And more importantly, will he be able to find the real murderer?

Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic appeared in the 2016 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, The Lost Door, compiled by Evelyn M. Zimmer.

Fairy Magic tells the tale of Violet - or Aunty Vi as she is known to her young niece, Amy.  Violet's been going through a tough time, and so goes off to stay with her sister and her family.  


As she tries her hardest to solve the problems she is facing - the grown up way - little Amy is doing her best to help her aunt in the only way she knows how...magic.

Night's Magic

Night's Magic appeared in the 2016 Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Nocturnal Natures.

Night's Magic tells of Ally, a solitary witch, who is pursued by a dark coven.  Their high priest wants her to join with them but she refuses, something which he doesn't take too kindly.  


And so he decides to teach her a lesson about the power of the magic of the night...and there is only one way this can end.