Stories on Wattpad

I have a number of stories available for you to read via Wattpad.  These stories are free to read.  If you do take the time to check them out, please comment and vote, and don't forget to follow me!  Thanking you in advance for your support.

"She talks to fill the empty space you left behind."

(from, Ten Word Stories)

"I wish that, for once, I could have someone, anyone, to share

Valentine's Day


(from, Summoning Love)

"...She watched as the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead changed from hard stone to threads of gossamer..."

(from, Chronicles of the Craft

vol 1)

"I am about to set you a challenge, Miss Jones,

one that has very

real life and death consequences."

(from, The Magician)

"The house is haunted, Miss Jones.  Haunted.  There is an evil ghost in my home and I want it gone!"

(from, The Apparition)